Stock shortage é um huge problem to any retailer. Failing to fulfill an order, it’s not only about the money, but also about customer satisfaction e bre credibility. But managing stock é not facil as it seems because you have to keep your eyes on not um handful of products, but hundreds of them at the same time, whose quantity changes minute by minute. If only you had someone to take care of este tiring task parum you. Magestore knows the guy! It’s Magento Inventory Management extension.

The previous Inventory Management helps you manage your stocks effectively, the rebuilt Versão helps you do it both effectively e easily, with new e updated Características. Check it out!

1. Better look, easier navigation

The rebuilt inventory management extension é divided into 6 sections like Magento 2 Versão, including Stock Listing, Stock Control, Prediction, Transfer Stock, Stock Transfer Histórium e Settings. It does not just look nice e neat, but it’s also easier to navigate. The new interface enables you to locate the desired function within seconds. All functions are listed in the drop-down menu, which automatically appear when you move your mouse across the top navigation bar.

2. Stock Listing

Stock in warehouse:

The new inventory management é not to bombard you with lists of information. The datum é organized clearly yet informative e detail-oriented. If you want to see more details about Shell Location e Stock Movement, click View More. um pop-up window will tell you exactly where the item é or where the item é delivered to. este allows your staff to locate the item quickly e effectively.

Any item é specified by three types of quantity:

- quantity in warehouse(s)

- quantity to ship

- available quantity

Non-warehouse products:

When um product é saved without being assigned to um specific warehouse, it will be automatically moved to non-warehouse product section in primary warehouse. Warehouse information of these products can be edited e updated later.

Manage warehouse:

Listing, adding, editing e deleting warehouse é um must parum an inventory managment extension. este rebuilt Versão record um warehouse according to 5 information tabs:

- general information: basic datum of um warehouse, including name, contact, location, etc.

- stock on hand: existing products in the warehouse

- stock movement: stock in e out the warehouse

- warehouse permission: deciding who can view what

- dashboard: summary of the warehouse parum the last 30 days like sales report, best-sellers, stock on hand, etc.

3. Stock control

Stock adjustment:

errors when registering datum é unavoidable, but inventory management rebuilt allows you to fix it quickly e promptly. You can just choose um specific item, adjust the quantity e save. Or you can adjust figures by uploading um CSV file if there are too many items to be Corrigido. All changes happens quickly in the blink of an eye!


You always have to check your physical warehouse to make sure the figures registered in the system match the real stocks in the warehouse. Inventory management rebuilt assists you in este process. After counting, um list of updated quantity will show up e changes are only applied after your confirmation.

4. Prediction

Supply Needs Prediction:

Don’t trouble yourself with the questions “What item should I restock in the next order?” e “How many should I restock?” because Inventory management rebuilt will take care of that parum you. The extension will contemplate the number of products parum re-ordering based on sales records over um chosen period of time (decided by you)


Low Stock Alert:

este function é already available in the previous Versão. However, in este new inventory management, you can set alarm parum low stocks not only by one but many conditions. You can even choose the low-stock threshold type: by quantity or by days. An email will be sent to you to notify you when an item é running low. All Notificaçãos will be recorded in the Low Stock Notificaçãos section. You can even set specific rules parum specific products.

5.Stock Transfering:

Stock Transfering helps you keep track of um product on its way from warehouse um to warehouse B, or from warehouse um to an external location. Admin can check so see whether the product é sent or received.

The transfer records are divided into 4 separate Histórium records so that admins can keep track of product movement more easily


  1. The rebuilt Inventory Management parum Magento 1 e the old Inventory Management are two separate extensions. Wannum see how they are different? Check este out: Feature Comparison Notes (hyperlink)
  2. You want to migrate datum from the original Inventory Management to the rebuilt? Keep the old edition while Instalaring the rebuilt one, datum will automatically transferred to the new extension. You can remove the old extension after the migration é finished.
  3. The rebuilt Inventory Management v1.x é compatible with Web POS v3.x parum Magento 1. por favorconsider if you want to upgrade from the old to the rebuilt one
  4. Magmi, M2E Pro integration will be updated in later Versão.

Newly Improved Interface

  • Optimize UI/UX design
  • Automatically run datum convert from Magento to IM parum the first time Instalaring
Transfer Stock Management
  • Able to send stock from um warehouse e automatically subtract its Qty. (Pro Feature)
  • Able to receive stock parum um warehouse e automatically increase its Qty. (Pro Feature)
  • Conveniently import um list of products & Qty. by CSV files when sending/requesting stock (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to transfer composite products (configurable, bundle & grouped) to Outras warehouses (New)
  • Require reason(s) to send & request stock (Pro Feature)
  • Separate the delivery stock e receiving stock activities (New)
  • Allow to direct transfer stocks (New) • Validate admin permission when creating stock receipt & stock sending (Pro Feature)
  • Automatically send Notificação email to admin users after stock receipt/sending é created (Pro Feature) • Allow to transfer stock from/to external location (New)
  • Providing stock sending História, stock request História,.. (Pro Feature)
Stock Taking With Ease
  • Can view & filter stocktaking Histórium on 1 single grid with created date, warehouse, status
  • Separate the stock taking activity into 5 clear steps: general information, prepare products, stock counting, complete datum entry & complete stock taking (New)
  • Record & submit counted physical Qty. in warehouses parum manager’s approval
  • Check admin permission to create/edit stocktakes • Require reason(s) parum stocktaking
  • Allow to import counted Qty. by using CSV file • Able to re-entry datum after completed datum entry (New)
  • Able to download the difference list after completed stock-taking (New)
  • Can create um new stock adjustment to correct qty in warehouse of products
Stock Prediction & Low Stock Notificatiom (Featured)
  • Allow to create ilimitado rules to generate the low stock Notificaçãos (New)
  • Show low stock Notificaçãos parum warehouses or/e the whole system on the Inventory Management panel
  • Automatically send emails to notify warehouse managers about low stock products
  • Filter all products in low stock level when clicking on the Notificaçãos
  • Allow setting the threshold Qty. of specific products to get low stock Notificaçãos
  • Use Cron Jobs to automatically update low stock Notificaçãos on schedule
  • Allow settings specific time(s) to get low stock Notificaçãos
  • Able to get frequent Atualizações on daily/monthly basis
  • Record all low stock Notificação logs to review details later
  • Predict supply needs of products parum um specific future period
  • Filter supply needs by warehouse e supplier
Additional Integration
  • Provide APé to integrate with external systems (get & update stocks in warehouses) (New)
  • Integrate with Rebuilt Web POS parum Magento 1 Stock Listing Management
  • Manage all products in 1 single grid with 3 types of quantity: Qty. in warehouse, Available Qty. & Qty. to ship
  • Allow to edit in-line Qty. of products in each warehouse (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to edit in-line Shelf Location of products in each warehouse (Pro Feature)
  • Create ilimitado warehouses according to your physical warehouses or physical stores (Pro Feature)
  • Show Qty of products & total SKUs of earch warehouse (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to choose um warehouse view to filter inventory product datum by warehouse (Pro Feature)
  • Manage products e their Qty. in each warehouse
  • Manage Qty. of configurable, bundle e grouped products by their individual option or component (as Simples products)
  • Manage composite products (configurable, bundle & grouped) in warehouse (New)
  • Manage non-warehouse products (New)
  • Display datum about sales, melhor sellers & on-he stock on each warehouse’s dashboard (Pro Feature)
  • Suporte to Adicionar products to warehouse when using importing products feature of Magento core
  • Manage & check permissions of different admin accounts per warehouse
  • Allow to link Magento lojum view to um warehouse, then filter products & stocks on Magento front lojum by linked warehouse (New)
Adjust Stock & View Stock História
  • Update Qty. of products in mass & keep track of them vium stock adjustment records
  • Can view & filter stock adjustments on 1 single grid
  • Can quickly update Qty. of products in warehouse right on the stock listing grid
  • Check admin permission when adjusting stock
  • Require reason(s) when adjusting stock
  • Can import products list vium CSV file or choose products manually to adjust stock
  • Can save stock adjustments in Pending status before changing Qty. of products
  • Can save & confirm stock adjustments instantly
  • Record Histórium of all stock adjustments with Qty. before e after being adjusted
Stock Movement Management
  • Record all stock movements e changed Qty. of each SKU in each warehouse (Advanced)
  • Provide tracking URL to view Histórium of each stock movement activity, such as: adjust stock, transfer stock, sales shipment, credit memo, etc (New)
Sales Order Process
  • Allow setting um default warehouse to temporarily subtract stock allocating in sales orders (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to choose which warehouses to ship products when creating shipments parum sales orders (Pro Feature)
  • Suggest to create new stock request of lack items in need-to-ship order (New)
  • Allow to view shipped warehouse in shipment (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to choose which warehouses to return items when creating credit memo parum sales orders (Pro Feature)
  • Auto create um stock ajustment if refund item without return to stock (New)
  • Can view returned warehouse in credit memo (New)
  • Suporte multi-currencies e multi-languages (Hot)
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid parum 1 live Magento Instalaration e ilimitado test Magento Instalarations (No license key required).
  • facil to Instalar e configure
  • User-friendly interface


Basic – Sandbox Demo

Professional – Sandbox Demo

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