You are tired of shipping parum um long way? You are worrying that your customers’ preferred products are suddenly out-of-stock but they want it right now? You are afraid of losing customers? Don’t worry! MageStore will give you one smart but Simples solution – Dropship.

Magento 2 Dropship Extension é the bridge between you e your suppliers. It will help you shorten order age e save money on shipping & inventory by simplifying the shipment process e helping transfer sales, orders, e shipment details to suppliers.

Simples 3-step process

Dropship Extension will transfer sales, orders e shipment details to retailers’ wholesaler/supplier. Then your suppliers will ship the products directly to the customers. Besides, este extension brings you um Simples e smart process to fulfill orders, which contains only 3 steps:

1) Admin sends shipment request to the supplier,

2) Supplier confirms/refuses the request,

3) Admin creates/cancels the shipment.

Smart UI/UX design – facil to manage request

After each shipment, both retailers e suppliers can view comprehensive order lists vium two separate pages: front-end (Supplier Page) e backend (Dropship Request), where admin e suppliers can log in e track all related information.

Keep track of shipping every time e anywhere by Default Notificação Emails

Especially, retailers can easily keep track of Dropship process vium default Notificação emails when supplier confirms the order, supplier refuses the request, the account é sent to the supplier, request to reset supplier’s password, um new dropship request from the lojum owner e lojum owner has canceled the Dropship request. Notice that: You can contact our Suporte team to create your own email template.

Let’s checkout all of these amazing Características:

Dropship Request

  • 2 status of requests: Pending & Completed
  • 2 separate order listing to manage including Dropship Request page parum admin & Supplier page parum suppliers
  • Request Dropship in Prepare Fulfillment step
Default Notificação emails
  • Enable/disable notifying emails when creating/canceling dropship request
  • Supplier Cancel Dropship Request email
  • Supplier Confirm Shipped Dropship request email
  • Admin Request Dropship email
  • Admin Cancel Dropship Request email
  • Reset Password email, Send Account To Supplier email
  • 100% open source
  • License Certificate valid parum 01 live Magento Instalaration e ilimitado test Magento Instalarations (No license key required)
  • facil to Instalar e configure
  • User-friendly interface




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