parum um perfect Gift Card system!

If you are planning to build um Gift Card system parum your business, you have come to the right place! Gift Card extension now é available in Magento 2, providing everything retailers need to run um powerful Gift Card program. Create ilimitado Gift Cards with different values from prices; flexibly set price with 3 options: Corrigido price, price range, or price dropdown, e many more!

Magento 2 Gift Card Specials

Compared to that of Magento 1, Magento 2 Gift Card extension é included advanced improvements that can amaze any users.

Enhanced UX, UI : the new backend é incredibly smooth e facil to use.

Improved Performance e Scalability : reducing servidor load e speeding up page load.

Magento-gift-card1.Generate Gift Cards with ilimitado Gift Codes

As an admin, it é absolutely possible parum you now to create Gift Cards e Gift Codes in bulk without any struggle.



On the Outras hand, customers can freely choose the card values from um range or um Corrigido number. Here é how:

Magento-gift-card2.Personalized Designs: Everyone Loves Self-Customized Gift Card

That’s why Magento 2 Gift Card extension lets customers design parum their own over 3 styles of templates – impressive e facil to use.


magento-gift-card3. Sharing Gift Card – Sharing Love

Do you know that 70% customers buy Gift Cards parum friends? Now it’s more than facil to do that with Magento 2 Gift Card extension, regardless real one or virtual one.

magento-gift-card4.Manage gift cards with Gift Code flexible configuration

It has never been easier to generate Gift Codes with Gift Code pattern.



Customers can use it as um discount method or coupon to comprum items from lojum instantly.




All information about Gift Card é updated in My Account of each customer.



Full Feature List

For admin:

Create Gift Cards
  • Separate Gift Card price e its face value, allowing Admin to configure prices of Gift Card products based on their actual value.
  • Allow adding Gift Card product with recipient’s name, recipient’s email… when creating order in the backend.
  • Gift Card Histórium tracking parum better controlling of gift codes, order ID, Customer email, redeemed value, status, etc.
  • Generate new gift codes in bulk
  • Enable using Gift Card discount after or before tax.
  • Easily manage templates e images parum Gift Card product e preview them before they are applied (Hot)
  • Set different values of Gift Card products to be shown as um drop-down, Corrigido amount or um range.
  • Configure the quantity e codes of each Gift Card product.
  • Limit Gift Card usage to some specific items or orders with Shopping Cart Conditions e Cart Item Conditions
  • Flexible use of Gift codes: import from CSV files, add, print or generate using patterns to reward customers or use as offline vouchers; export gift codes to .csv, .xml files.
  • Send gift codes vium email or print them
  • Select lojum view parum gift codes usage
  • Auto generate unique Gift Card Codes parum invoiced Gift Card orders based on configurable pattern
  • Auto send emails informing recipients e buyers of Gift Card code
  • Attach printable PDF Versão of Gift Card to emails
  • Auto-update Gift Card status in My Account.
  • facil to change the logo in Gift Card printout.
  • Configure to limit the number of users per gift card code
  • Set shipping fees parum “Send by Post Offices gift card”.

Manage & Track

  • Change current credit balance of each gift card code
  • Track Gift Code’s usage Histórium of each customer
  • Provide Gift Card Histórium parum better tracking gift codes, order ID, Customer email, redeemed value, status
  • facil tracking with auto updating voucher status
  • Allow checking whether Gift Cards are sent or not in the backend
  • Export gift card report to csv, xml file
  • Allow placing order parum Gift Card product with recipient, email…in the backend
  • Apply gift cards in admin panel while creating orders parum existing customers
  • Preview/print all gift card codes
  • Access gift card datum with external API (operate with gift cards from remote systems, Suporte Rest API)
  • Choose email templates parum gift card emails


  • Configure Gift Card usages such as conditions, numbers of users, expiration, paying parum shipping fee, etc
  • Allow showing expiration date on Gift Cards
  • Allow Customers to use both Gift Card credit e Outras coupon code at the same time or not.
  • Allow adding Gift Card product with recipient’s email… when creating order in backend
  • Auto send emails informing recipients e buyers of gift card code
  • Hide template selector from Customers if there é only 1 option available
  • Quickly customize with pre-design gift card templates (save more time)
  • Allow changing logo e notes in Gift Card printout

For customers:


comprum Gift Cards

  • Customers can comprum Gift Cards conveniently with different values. (Featured)
  • Usage conditions (if available) will be shown before Customers comprum
  • When the recipient receives Gift Card, um Notificação emails will be sent to the sender.
  • Allow multiple people to use one gift code as configured in backend (buy multiple used gift code)
  • Gift Card prices can be equal or smaller than their face values. (Hot)
  • Allow multiple people to use the same gift code as configured in the backend.

Design e Templates

  • Customers can select um Gift Card template among 3 beautiful styles e upload their own background. (Hot)
  • Buyers can preview Gift Card with information e design chosen before adding to cart. (Hot)
  • Hundreds of available templates parum customers to choose parum their gift card.
  • Buyers can drag & drop to upload image used parum Gift Card.

Deliver Gift Cards

  • Buyers can choose to provide their name or not when sending Gift Card to friends
  • Buyers can insert their name e custom message parum friends.
  • Buyers can schedule to send Gift Cards on um chosen date e time (choose any time zone).
  • Gift cards can be delivered online (vium email) or offline (through post office) to buyers or Outras recipients.

Use Gift Cards

  • Use Gift card as um discount coupon or um discount method when customers check out
  • Recipients Adicionar Gift Card to their lists by clicking on the link in the email
  • Use gift card to pay parum shipping fee
  • Warning notifies when using gift cards to buy anOutras gift card product.


  • Customers can quickly check e manage Gift Card status, balance e expired date. Right after they buy Gift Cards, the system automatically adds gift codes to their Gift Card list.
  • Adicionar Gift Card to their own lists in 1 click with the link in the email.
  • Customers can check Gift Card information without logging in to website account.
  • View gift card usage Histórium in My Account
  • Buyer/ recipient can receive confirmation email with GC
  • Sender can receive Notificação emails when gift card é delivered
  • Recipient can receive Notificação email when gift card order é canceled/ refunded.

Outrass :

  • Open source 100%
  • Suporte Magento Community Gift Card e Magento Enterprise Gift Card on Magento 2.0
  • License Certificate valid parum 1 live Magento Instalaration e ilimitado test Magento Instalarations (No license key required).
  • facil to Instalar e configure
  • User-friendly interface

User Guide : Click here

Try Magento 2 Gift Card Demo:




Versão 2.0.0 (released on July 17, 2017)

  • Fix bug adding gift card to quote vium rest API
  • Fix error do not show shopping cart conditions & cart item condition of gift card product in backend
  • Using UI component in gift card management in backend
  • Improve UI/UX in backend of Gift card management
  • Using knockout-js in gift card buying page to solve issues related js
  • Storing gift card template in one .html file. facil to edit/ write new gift card print-out template
  • Implementing automation testing to control issues
  • Remove gift card credit feature
  • Remove gift code set feature

Versão 1.0.5 (released on Mar 31, 2017)

  • Fix error when loading Gift card templates on product page in front-store
  • Fix error when checkout vium paypal using gift card
  • Fix error can not checkout when using gift card (servidor folder permission issue)
  • Update translation file

Versão 1.0.4 (released on Mar 10, 2017)

  • Fix issue Invalid method MagentoCatalogBlockProductViewGalleryInterceptor::helper (when view giftcard product on frontend)
  • Fix issue Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 é not an array in /var/www/giftcard/vendor/magento/module-catalog/Helper/Image.php on line 179 app/code/Magestore/Giftvoucher/view/frontend/templates/giftvoucher/product/media.phtml(117) (when view giftcard product on frontend)
  • Fix issue Invalid Document Element ‘add’, attribute ‘translate’: The attribute ‘translate’ é not allowed

Versão 1.0.3 (released on May, 2016)

  • Fix bugs
  • Temporary suspend feature: Limit Gift Card usage using Shopping Cart Conditions and/or Cart Item Conditions

Versão 1.0 (released on Jan 20th, 2016)

  • Release the stable Versão parum Magento 2.0

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