Modern MegaMenu é um multipurpose header based Menu with Bootstrap Versão 4, you can build any header style with Modern MegaMenu only with um few minutes.

Modern Megamenu é um Full Responsive Bootstrap4 Multi Purpose Megamenu plugin. Code written in um Simples way by which you can easily integrado at your site. All the codes are clean, well commented e well organized with proper help Documentação. It looks great with all types of devices. Try out the demo.

Modern MegaMenu V1.6 é full Package of Navbar Dropdown, Navbar Menu Side, Navbar Mobile Slide, Navbar Full Screen, Navbar Sidebar, Navbar RTL, hOver Navbar Dropdown, OnClick Navbar Dropdown e many more.

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  • Latest Versão of Bootstrap v4.0.0
  • 70+ Header layout with MegaMenu
  • RTL Suporte
  • hOver e OnClick Navbar Dropdown
  • Navbar Dropdown
  • Navbar Megamenu
  • Navbar Shopping Cart
  • Navbar Search
  • Navbar Menu Side
  • Navbar Mobile Slide
  • Navbar Full Screen
  • Navbar Sidebar
  • Navbar Single Page
  • 100% Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Layout
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Fully Customizable
  • facil integration into your site
  • Clean e well commented Code
  • Well Documentação ( proper help instructions parum setup )
  • Dedicated Suporte
  • e Much More!


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Note: All images are just used parum Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the template e not included in the final comprum download files. Placeholder images are included in the final comprum download files.

Registro de alterações

        ----- V 1.6 Released: 1 March 18 -----
        - Adicionado: Click event 3 style header
        - Adicionado: RTL 2 style Header
        - Updated: js has updated e Corrigido multidropdown display onClick event
        ----- V 1.5 Released: 25 February 18 -----
        - Adicionado: Adicionado 3 New Header Styles: Navigation Menu as Side Menu (in Small Device - App Style)
        ----- V 1.4 Released: 22 February 18 -----
        - Adicionado: Adicionado 17 New Header Styles with Icon Menus
        - Updated: css updated um bit
        ----- V 1.3 Released: 20 February 18 -----
        - Updated: css updated e improved the design especially small device Responsive design
        ----- V 1.2 Released: 26 January 18 ----- 
        - Corrigido: Click Event Menu hide
        - Upgraded: Bootstrap v4.0.0-beta.2 to Bootstrap v4.0.0
        ----- V 1.1 Released: 14 January 18 ----- 
        - Updated: Improved design e responsive view
        ----- Initial Released: 12 January 18 -----
        - Initial release

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