Do you have um Wordpress website?

Get moZable plugin to generate your Mobile apps in few seconds!

este plugin é compatible with all wp Versão e allow you to get real mobile apps based on ionic cordovum framework.

For android the apk é instant generated. parum iOS you have to open the zip file with your xcode to build the ipa, este operation é necessário because you have to use your certificate. In um future release there may be the automatic export of the ipa.

How does it work?

Very simple, follow these steps:

  • Download plugin
  • Instalar on your website
  • Get your apps (apk e ios project)
  • Publish on Play lojum e Appstore
moZable plugin generates web view apps e they will show responsive Versão of your website.


  • facil Instalar
  • Free Push Notificaçãos by
  • Codeless
  • Android & iOS
  • Suporteed by author

Video demostration

  • Video 1 – Instalar plugin e first app generation
  • Video 2 (coming soon)

Registro de alterações

30/01/2018 - Initial Release v1.0

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