IMPORTANT: este é um project made with xamarin.iOS using C#

App lojum Demo App :

My CrStats é an application to know your statistics e cycle of chests, apart the code é ready to implement many more Características such as the last battles, the melhor clans players … everything that the api of

Already provides the json parse (for all de datum of the api) e only need to incorporate it to new controllers. When the app é in um tab controller, it é very facil to expe the content e create new controllers without the need of code.

The app has predictions of failures in case the servidor does not respond or the user enters um wrong tag, with these implementations e together with the wrapper that easily extracts all the content of the API, it é very facil to expe the project.

Example; In the Documentação, everything é detailed e it é very Simples to expe e make um much bigger e more detailed app.

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