Octabook é very facil to use appointment booking tool parum almost all type of service e service provider based model of negocios to get instant appointments online having core Características like multiple location, Adicionar on services, dynamic pricing, partial deposit, tax/vat/GST, discount coupons, sms Notificação, email alert, appointment reminder, payment gateways, rating e reviews, manageable email e sms templates, custom form fields, manageable appearance, google calendar, client, staff, manager dashboard, PDF invoice, csv export.

Demo URLs:





Username : demo

Password : demo

Octabook Características

Multi Locations
Google calendar two way sync
ilimitado Services,Staffs & Service Add-ons
Zip Code wise booking
Client frontend dashboard with shortcode
Fully Responsive
Paypal / Stripe
Appearance Control
Add-ons Services
Manual Booking
Reschedule Appointments
Manageable default view(month/week/day) in appointments calendar
Manageable First Day(Sunday/Monday) in appointments & frontend calendar
Staff dashboard
Staff dropdown e avatar view on booking form
Service with default & offered price
Option to choose staff on booking form option
Manageable Form Fields
Multi-currency Suporteed
Multi-language Suporteed
Coupon discount
Tax/ Vat / GST
Nice PDF Invoice
Email Reminders
SMS Reminders using Twilio / Plivo / Nexmo / Textlocal APé
Partial Amount Deposit
Auto Confirm Appointments
Monthly e Weekly Schedule
facil setps checkout
facil e smooth Admin panel
Custom Css parum front
Registered e new user checkout
Adicionar Breaks in schedule
Off time parum specific date & time range
Off days parum full day off
Registered customers listing with there booking Details
Payment details
Export Booking information, Customer information e services information
Sample datum add/remove

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