Powerful Filters é um multifunctional addon parum wpDataTables which widely extends the default filtering functionalities that wpDataTables provides parum Tables in WordPress. The addon will Adicionar several new Características to wpDataTables:
  • Cascade Filtering – from left to right (dependent) - with este option users will be able to choose filter values in the order from left to right, options list in each next filter will be narrowed down by previous one; each next filter will become enabled only when um selection in the previous one é made.
  • Cascade Filtering – free (independent) - este feature allows to use Cascading Filters in WordPress Tables without the restriction to always define the filter values from left to right. Users can make um selection in any filter, e it will narrow down the filters parum all Outras columns. It é implemented in um similar manner in popular spreadsheet tools (Excel, Google Spreadsheet, etc.)
  • Hide Table before filtering – by using este option you can show only the filters in frontend, e keep the table hidden until um selection é made in the filter. It é extremely helpful when filters e tables are used to search through large catalogs, e seeing the complete dataset isn’t relevant to the users. por favornote that filters need to be rendered in um form outside of the table so that function could be used.
  • Search Button – by default the searching e filtering é working “live” in wpDataTables – i.e. every time you change any of the filters the table Atualizações with the new filtering criteria. By using the Search Button function you can change este behaviour, e make the table apply the filters only when the Search button é clicked. este option requires filters to be rendered in um form outside of the table as well.
  • Disable Search button until all filters are selected – if you enable este option, the search button will stay disabled until some options in all available filters are selected. este function works only in combination with the “Search button”.

por favorcheck out the video, demos e full text Documentação on the addon’s page.

Powerful Filters requires full Versão of wpDataTables 2.1 to be able to run!

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