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RentCar | Rent Car System e App Template parum Android

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Rent Car System e App Template parum iOS

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The purpose of the given platform é to make the search parum um car more efficient so that it can be rented by the user. Firstly, este platform unites several companies together, e not every company can e é Adicionado to the platform, only those that are verified, e that have the right acts e are approved by an administrator. Thus, each company registered on the platform can place its cars here, e the user, when looking parum um particular car, receives all the results from all the companies that meet the Requisitos, e he é already analyzing e selecting the most optimal variant. Online payment é um necessity nowadays, because it é safe e much quicker e handy being in an online environment, being pre. However, the user also has the opportunity to offer um dealer note, so users who will be looking parum cars at este dealer will be able to see how well it é noted e whether it é worth taking the car or not after the previous user experience, which é um plus in the safety of Internet services. AnOutras service available on the platform é to position the car’s location on the map as well as the dealer’s office to get um more accurate guideline to reach the destination.

este developed system allows the following functions:

  • Allows users facil e combined navigation both on the website e in the application. Thus the user either uses the mobile application or the web platform, he will receive the same machines when navigating;
  • Allows users to rent an online car, e performs the transfer using online payment methods. Thus, the user will be able to pay through PayPal when filling out the rental form;
  • Allows users to see details of the car rental company to see more detailed negocios information such as working hours, user comments, location of the location on the map, e list of all available cars (Google Bussines);
  • Allows companies through the control panel to add, edit e remove machines within the platform;
  • Allows the administrator to Adicionar more companies e manage their business;
  • Allows the dealer to see all transactions in the control panel parum um car rental statistics;
  • Allows site administrators to Adicionar more cities to um more efficient location of car rental distributors;
  • Allows the administrator to edit machine models to streamline their search e make it easier parum users to find.

These are the basic Características parum the given platform, which makes it um complex but easy-to-use, intuitive system e has all the Características necessary to simplify the search parum um car e its payment in um safe e fast way.

GENERAL Características

  • Android app;
  • Android Studio project;
  • Javum project;
  • Suporte all Android devices;
  • facil to customize;
  • otimizado parum all current Android-devices;
  • Universal App parum Android;
  • Commented code;
  • Documentação.

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