Runner Flash complete game + Buildbox file + Admob + Leaderboard + Share Button

Runner Flash game é um very new style runner game which é very addictive e challenging . – so don’t waste time, get it now.

este game é made with buildbox e designed our own graphics in photoshop so you can easily reskin it.You have just to change some assets e you are ready to upload it. With the leaderboard feature now you can share your score e compete with all the Outras players around the world.

Enjoy the endless fun e the beautiful design e don’t forget to share your top score to beat your friends.

Demo apk

Download Demo apk


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  • Buildbox Template Included
  • facil to reskin using Buildbox.
  • Admob e chardtboost ad networks to monetize your game
  • Leaderboard – compete with world of gamers
  • Eclipse code – No need to change anything in javum files
  • Cocos2d-x libraray – Light weight lib , Suporte low end device too
  • Share e review us button
  • How to reskin:

    NOTES: Remember you must buy the assets if you want to use…Here below

    • Import Project into xcode.
    • Change Package ID, Versão ID, App Name.
    • Setup new icons, launch screens, localization e meta-datum parum your app
    • Change ID parum Ad Networks.
    • Update Review Us URL.
    • Configure Game Center.
    • Change Atlases file with new images
    • Export Project e upload to ios Store.

    Suporte Guidelines:

  • Email ID-

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