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Salesforce CRM Customer Portal parum WordPress plugin provides an online Suporte canal parum your customers-allowing them to resolve their inquiries without contacting um customer care. It integrates your Salesforce CRM with WordPress.


  • Customer can create um case parum an issue or um problem.
  • Customer can view e update own created cases.
  • Customer can create e view comments of the case.
  • Customer can register, login e create um own profile.
  • Customer can view or update their own profile.
  • Customer can search the cases.
  • Increase customer communication, interaction e satisfaction.
  • Lower Suporte costs.
  • WordPress admin can enable or disable um Customer Portal registration.
  • WordPress admin can control the layout of Case e Contact (Customer Portal User). They also help determine which fields are visible or not.

Requirement: Any one of below Salesforce Editions with API access

  • Salesforce provides API access inbuilt e é enabled by default in bellow edition.
    • Enterprise Edition
    • ilimitado Edition
    • Developer Edition
    • Performance Edition
  • Note: Salesforce not provides API access inbuilt e é not enabled in bellow edition. You must have API access or will comprum API access parum um bellow edition from Salesforce. If have or will comprum then our plugin work with bellow edition.
    • Contact Edition
    • Group Edition
    • Professional Edition

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