Descrição do Produto

MyTV é um native android single canal online TV viewer application.

It can broadcast from live streaming url even youtube live streaming canal.

The app Suportes youtube e Outras live url parum streaming.

The app automatically switches to um proper video player depending on the url provided. User can watch both in fullscreen e portrait mode.

User will be able to see upcoming programs list e will be able to set alarm parum the desired program on a single click.

um very useful e compact homepage has been designed. Basic functionality i.e: Share app, Rate app etc. has been included into the application drawer menu.

AdMob has been integrado with the application so that anybody can include Ad in any activity.


Here é the detailed feature list:

  • Single canal TV viewer application
  • Suporte live online streaming tv
  • Suportes youtube streaming
  • Fullscreen video
  • Dynamic homepage
  • List parum Upcoming Programs
  • Material design with facil navigation simpler UX
  • AdMob

App Demo

App Video

Technical Documentação

  • Document

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