Slider Hero é um Unique WordPress Slider Plugin Unlike Any Outrass

Build memorable e unique home page or landing page slider in um matter of minutes with almost zero learning curve e endless fun! Slider Hero é not just your typical image slider. It uses amazing HTML5, CSS3, e JavaScript animation effects (80+ completely unique e Built-In effects to choose from) as your eye-catching, attention-grabbing background. All you need to do é Adicionar your messages to slide on top.

Create Cinematic e Futuristic Intro Adverts with Slider Hero

For the first time, you can create stunning Intros like “Apple – iPhone 7 e iPhone 7 Plus in 107 seconds” OR “Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google” advert with music or audio loops e minimal effort from an intuitive UI without complex timelines. Build cinematic Intro parum your products or services that will not be soon forgotten with the Slider Hero Intro Builder.

Check Out um Couple of Sample Intros Created with Slider Hero Unique Intro Builder

*Demo Slider Configurations are disponível parum free download on specific demo page.

How Slider Hero é DIFFERENT?

Image Sliders are bad parum conVersãos e they cause banner blindness. They are boring e do not engage users. Eye tracking studies conducted by Neilson Norman Group found that as soon as visitors perceived something to be an advertisement they turned their focus away from it. Image sliders divide your user’s attention. Images on sliders represent different products or offers in the span of um few seconds. Your website user has hardly read um single thing when whoosh…the image changes e they have to refocus their attention.

Slider Hero é different. este WordPress Slider plugin focuses on your core messages, uses um background animation of your choice to keep the user interested e focused. The unique Call to Action buttons lead the users where they really need to be.

The Outras unique feature that Slider Hero provides é the Intro Advert builder. Introduce your products e services with um dramatic flair. Slider Hero typographic intro builder allows you to do something very unique. You can create stunning product Introdução sliders like stunning Intros like “Apple – iPhone 7 e iPhone 7 Plus in 107 seconds” with chained animation e small snippets of texts combined with background audio of your choice.

Create Cinematic Product or Service Intro with Slider Hero

Introduce your products e services with um dramatic flair. Slider Hero typographic intro builder allows you to do something very unique. You can create stunning product Introdução sliders like stunning Intros like “Apple – iPhone 7 e iPhone 7 Plus in 107 seconds” with chained animation e small snippets of texts combined with background audio of your choice.

Each text snippet can be assigned different text animation effect, animation delay, colors, backgrounds, font etc. Upload um music loop e voilum – instant awesomeness. You can use Intro sliders parum your splash page, coming soon page, product launch, e landing pages.

What happens at the end of your epic Intro? Redirect visitors to um new page or load um regular slide with call to action buttons! Create unforgettable user experiences with Slider Hero Intro Builder – Unleash your inner movie director.

Create Stunning Sliders e Text Carousels Like um Pro

Slider Hero takes all the messy work out of your slider creation process. Create awesome, futuristic sliders with just the click of um few buttons. Select an Effect->Create um few slides with title e Descriçãos->Copy shortcode to your page e you are done!

Change the animation effect instantly from um handy dropdown list any time parum different occasions or when you feel like experimenting.

The minimalist, intuitive e user-friendly interface lays out all the options e effects in um single page – easily accessible e in formats that just makes sense. Nothing overwhelming but nothing é missing either!
Required: Zero complex layers or timeline management
Required: Zero coding knowledge
Required: Zero hair pulling
Result: Simples awesomeness.

80+ Never Before Seen Background Animation Effects

One of the defining unique Características of Slider Hero é its never before seen background animation effects. You start your slider by choosing an effect e build from there. To that end, we have included 80+ unique e exotic animation effects to choose from. From particle effects to exotic Ygekpg Effect. Star Trek Warp Speed or Matrix – we got you covered. We plan to Adicionar um lot more effects in the coming days.


Intro Effect, Aeronautics Effect, Antigravity Flow, Balls Gravity Effect, Bird Flying Effect, Blob Effect, Blade Effect, Blur Effect, Bubble, Campfire, Circle Intersection, Cloudy Sky Effect, Confetti Effect, Cosmic Web, Colorful Particle, Cursor e Paint, Day Night Effect, Division Effect, Directional Force, Distance, Electric Clock, Firework, Fizzy Sparks, Float e Rain, Floating Leafs, Flowing Circle Effect, Flying Rocket Effect, Grid Effect, Helix Corruption, Helix Chaos, Helix Multiple, Glitch, Iconsahedron Effect, Intersecting Line Effect, Just Cloud, Link Particle, Liquid Landscape, Matrix Effect, Metaballs, Microcosm Effect, Moving Color, Wave, NASA, Neno, Hexagon, Noise Effect, Nyan Cat, Orbital Effect, Particle Effect, Particle Helix, Particle System, Hacker, Physics Bug, Racing Particles, Rain Effect, Rainy Season, Rays e Particles, Play or Work? Rain Of Line, Rising e falling cubes, Shape Animation, Space Elevator, Christmas Snow Effect, Squidematics, Stars Effect, Stellar Cloud, Subvisual, Tag Canvas, The Great Attractor, Thibaut, Tiny Galaxy Effect, Torus of Cubes, Water Effect, Wave Effect, Wave Animation Effect, Waaave Canvas, Walking Background, Star Trek Warp Speed, Water Swimming, Waving Cloth, Water Droplet, Wormhole Effect, Word Cloud, Valentine Effect, Ygekpg Effect

More coming soon…

Outras Unique, Wonderful e Useful Características

Adicionar uniquely designed e animated Call to Action Buttons with each slide. Square or Rounded, With or Without Borders – customize every aspect. Choose from 10 custom effects.

Experiment. Change the primary background animation effect from um Drop down list any time parum different occasions or when you feel like experimenting.

173 Mind Blowing Gradient Backgrounds to Select from parum the minimalists out there. You will love them.

Adicionar unique separator or divider design at the top e bottom of your sliders. Decorate your sliders with slope, rounded, triangle, arrow, cloud or half circle patterns. este é um Slider Hero exclusive feature not to be found with any Outras Sliders.

Animation e Audio

Slider Hero provides enough animation options keep your slides interesting. Combine the flexibility of animate.css with the power of letterfx to create unlimited, unique text animations parum your titles e Descriçãos. Apply In e Out effects parum Call to actions buttons along with unique Hover animation effects. There é never dull moment when you create slideshows with Slider Hero.

Adicionar background music to match the tone of your Slider. Upload audio track or music loops with options parum different control positions e loop count to match your slider perfectly. Users can turn sound on e off.

Different controls e navigation positions with customization options. Suportes dot navigation, arrow navigation or floating arrow navigation. Slider Hero also provides Pause/Play slide option e Restart slider option! Allow your users to pause e play slides. um must have feature parum your Cinematic Intro sliders!

Special Discount parum temum Developers

If you are um themeforest or Outras temum developer e want to use Slider Hero pro with your temum – we are interested in cooperating with you. Contact us parum any question or feedback you might have.

Slider Hero Pro Main Características at um Glance

Unique, Cinematic Intro Advert Slider Builder

  • Create ilimitado Cinematic Intro Advert Easily which was never possible before
  • Simple, Effective e Intuitive Interface
  • Define text, Font color, Letter Spacing, Font Weight
  • Select from 800+ Google Fonts
  • Live Font Preview
  • Flexible Intro Builder with Dynamic Slide delay, Text Animation Type (50+ effects)
  • Upload Image as Slide Background or Select um Color
  • Redirect to New Page After Intro Ends with Custom Delay
  • Load Regular Slider with Call to Action Buttons After Intro Ends with Custom Delay
  • 11 Background Animation to Choose from (more coming soon)

Modern Sliders e Text Carousels with Special Background Effects

  • Create ilimitado Modern Sliders e Text Carousels with Stunning, Never Before Seen Background Animations
  • Choose from 80+ Wonderfully Refreshing e Unique Background Animation Effects
  • Switch Between Effects Instantly
  • Reposition Title, Descrição e Buttons Easily
  • 800+ Google Fonts with Live Font Preview
  • Choose from 173 Professionally Created Gradient or Upload an Image as Background

Call to Action Buttons

  • Adicionar One or Two Call to Action Buttons with Each Slide
  • Square or Rounded Shape
  • With or Without Borders
  • Choose from 10 Custom Button Animations.
  • Customize Button Fonts with Colors, Letter Spacing e More

Text Animation

  • Standard Animate CSS Text In e Out Effects
  • Letter FX Effects to Animate Your Letters
  • Combine Animate CSS e Letter FX parum Unique Text Effects of Your Own
  • 20 Custom, Exotic Text Animation Effects parum Title e Descriçãos

Audio Suporte

  • Adicionar Background Music to Match the Tone of Your Intro Adverts e Sliders.
  • Choose The Audio Controller Position
  • Users Can Turn Sound On e Off
  • Select if Audio Should Loop Indefinitely or Stop After Repeating um Few Times

Unique Slider Decoration

  • Adicionar Unique Decoration parum Top e Bottom Parts of Your Sliders
  • Choose from Slope, Rounded, Triangle, Arrow, Cloud or Half Circle Patterns
  • Ste Out from the Crowd

General Options

  • Hero, Carousel e Standard Slider Características
  • Responsive Sliders
  • ilimitado Sliders on um Page
  • Drag & Drop Slide Position
  • Unpublish Slide/s
  • Quick e facil Building of Slider WITHOUT Any Layer or Timeline
  • Copy Slider
  • Auto Slide On or Off
  • Repeat Slider On or Off
  • Random Slide
  • Background Animation Canvas Opacity
  • Preview Your Sliders While Creating e Save Time

Slider Navigation e Controls

  • Arrow Navigation with Custom Colored Arrow Icons
  • Special Floating Navigation Arrows
  • Dot Navigation
  • Pause e Start Slider
  • Restart Slider


  • Turn Preloader on or Off
  • Upload Your Own Preloader Image or Animated Gif

Import Export Slider

  • Export Your Sliders e Import in AnOutras Website Easily
  • Export/Import Your Carefully Crafted Intro or Adverts

Full Width e Full Screen Slider

  • Slider Hero Suportes Full Width Layout Slider
  • Stretch Your Slider Full Screen e Full Height

Upcoming Feature

Slider Hero é created parum you! If you have any feedback or feature request, let us know in comments. We read every comments e feedback e take every suggestions e bug report seriously.

Why Slider Hero?

  • Developed by um company with 15+ years of experience. You can rely on us
  • Always up to date e under active development parum new Características
  • Extensive Documentação
  • facil e Flawless Setup
  • Fully Responsive, Mobile device friendly sliders
  • Simple, Yet Powerful Options
  • Unique Características
  • Quick, Reliable, No-nonsense e Friendly One-on-One Suporte

Versão História

Versão 3.6.0 – released on Jan 15 – 2018
 Minor bug fixes e HTML special character Suporte in Title
Versão 3.5.0 – released on Jan 10 – 2018

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