Socialite é the FIRST Social networking script developed on Laravel with all enhanced Características, Pixel perfect design e extremely user friendly. User interface e user experience are extrum Adicionado Características to Socialite. Months of research, passion e hard work had made the Socialite more flexible, feature-available e very user friendly!

RTL (Right to Left)

RTL Versão é out now! You can Suporte all the languages parum your users

Social logins

Lets not get restricted with boring registration form, let your users login with popular social networks like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter e Linked In

Live Chat & Group Chat

Real time live chat with friends in multiple windows which can be maximized e minimized. Possibility to send messages to group of members adds an extrum feature to chat system.


Be social with your posts, let Outrass know
  • About you
  • With whom you are enjoying or hanging out or partying or what ever
  • Which music you are listening to
  • What video you are watching
  • Where are you
  • Make your post healthier with Emoticons
  • Adicionar photos to your post
  • Hashtags e mentions Adicionar extrum flavor to your post
  • Posts can be shared on third part websites like Facebook, Twitter e custom embed
  • Locations on post takes you to maps

Multi Level Comment With Replies

Commenting to the post é an old Versão! Commenting to the comment, replying, liking e unliking the sub-comment é the trending one.

Powerful Groups – Private, Public e Secret

Groups are developed in um structured way e comes in three types. Many advanced Características are disponível parum groups:
  • The group admins can Adicionar members,
  • Users can send join requests according to the group privacy
  • Groups admins can manage privacy settings with many options
  • Group admins can assign roles e permissions to all group members
  • Any group can be reported if it’s um Spam
  • e many more!

Hashtags e Mentions

Hashtags are more powerful like um page e helps in SEO. Mentions make the post to be more social e the mentioned person gets um Notificação that he was mentioned in um post


  • User profile comes with their posts, followers, following, liked pages, joined groups, their own pages e own groups, bio data, etc.,
  • User can manage their privacy settings e can restrict who comments on hé posts or posts on hé timeline or likes hé comments/posts or follows him/her e many more!
  • User can Adicionar hé social links too!

Categorized Pages

Pages comes with categorias which helps parum SEO
  • Page admins can Adicionar members to the page
  • Any can be liked e disliked
  • Page admins can assign roles e permissions to all page members
  • Any page can be reported if it’s um Spam
  • e many more!


Users can create events along with location which enables google Mapas parum all the events. The date e location selection parum event creation é very flexible to the user.

Events in Groups

User é fortunate to create events in any type of group e it will be very flexible to the group admins to invite members of the group to the event. Ability to search users, pages e all types of groups in the magical search box, differentiating them accordingly!

Real Time Notificaçãos

The user can be notified when there é any action on hé profile or page or group. There are totally 20+ real time Notificaçãos. User can ON or OFF parum receiving email when he gets um Notificação.

Advertisement Blocks

Socialite has ad blocks through out the application without disturbing the design or creating any annoyance to the user. Admins can change ads at any point of time.

Multi Language System

Socialite comes with most popular languages used through out the world e we have developed our custom Laravel package to Adicionar any language to the application.

Advanced User Settings

We have provided advanced options parum user’s general e privacy settings so that he can manage hé profile or posts in um very custom way


Makes the users to enjoy with Posts, photos, videos, suggested users, trending tags e many more!

Infinite Scroll

Let’s keep um check to old fashioned load more buttons! To improve user experience, Socialite comes with infinite scroll which loads the posts until it reaches the last one.

Pre Recorded Announcement

Admin can post any number of announcements, only one can be active at any point of time. Start date e end date Adicionar extrum flavor to announcement system. Admin can track how many people have seen hé announcement!

Affiliate System

Socialite comes with an enhanced feature called affiliate system. Any user can join with or without using the affiliate code e the users can share their affiliate links in their social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Fight Against Spam

Socialite strictly fights against SPAM. Any user can report Outras users, pages, groups e posts if they are SPAM. Admin can manage reports e can remove them or mark them as safe.

Perfect Admin Dashboard

Socialite offers powerful admin dashboard with enhanced Características

Complete real time statistics

It gives um brief overview regarding the statistics of pages, users, followers, groups, posts e its likes, shares, comments etc,. Just by um glance, you can easily what’s going on!

Advanced settings

The admin can set all the important settings in este page which includes email-adresses, social links, default language, site name etc,. The settings mentioned here act as default settings.

User settings

Default settings parum user can set here, i.e whenever um user é registered, he/she can have these settings by default e they can easily change according to their Requisitos

Custom pages

Custom pages é an enhanced feature in Socialite.
  • The admin can create any number of custom pages e these pages are available in the footer.
  • The admin can edit or delete the pages easily
  • If you don’t want to delete the page e don’t want your users to see it, then you can set your page’s status as INACTIVE
  • The pages only with status ACTIVE are visible in the footer

Page Settings

Admin can set the default settings parum um page, whenever um page é created by the user, the settings defined here would be applied e can be changed according to user’s Requisitos

Group Settings

Admin can set the default settings parum um group, whenever um group é created by the user, the settings defined here would be applied e can be changed according to user’s Requisitos

Event Settings

Admin can set the default settings parum an event, whenever an event é created by the user, the settings defined here would be applied e can be changed according to user’s Requisitos


Announcements é an enhanced feature in Socialite.
  • The admin can create any number of announcements e he can decide when to start e end the display of announcement on home page
  • The admin can edit or delete the announcements easily
  • If you don’t want to delete the announcement e don’t want your users to see it, then you can set your announcement’s status as INACTIVE
  • Only one announcement which é not expired can be active at any time

Manage users

All the registered users are listed in este page
  • Admin can edit user profile details e manage user’s privacy settings if required.
  • Admin can also reset user’s password e can deactivate the user too.

Manage Events

All the user created events are listed in este page. Admin can edit event details e manage event’s settings if required.
  • Events are categorised into private e public types
  • Users can invite Outrass e are self invited too
  • e many more Características, just explore them!

Manage pages

All the pages are listed in este page
  • Admin can edit page details e manage page settings if required.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete categorias parum the pages


Admin can Adicionar default set of wallpapers e users can set wallpaper parum their user timeline or group timeline or page timeline. User can also Adicionar custom wallpaper of their own requirement or interest

Manage groups

All the user created groups are listed in este page. Admin can edit group profile details e manage group’s privacy settings if required.

Manage reports

Socialite would always like to be free from SPAM. It given an opportunity to its users to report any user or page or group or post.
  • All the reports are separated by their category e are listed in tabs
  • The admin can easily view the reported item, who has reported it.
  • If the reported item é spam, the admin can delete it or else he can mark it safe

Manage advertisements

Socialite has ad blocks through out the application without disturbing the design or creating any annoyance to the user. The admin can paste the ad code in the given text areum e click save which would make the Advertisement appear in the mentioned block.

Versão Log

Versão 3.1 (17 July 2017)
    - New: Link preview feature
    - New: Fully customisable homepage
    - New: Switch languages in the browser
    - New: User can change languages of hé own
    - New: Landing page é out with new look.
    - New: To save um post, which you are interested in
    - New: To save an event of your interest
    - New: To save um group of your interest
    - New: To save um page of your interest
    - New: To Adicionar google Mapas API key dynamically
    - Fix: Delete comment issue
    - Fix: Closed group settings page issue
    - Fix: Category remove issue in admin panel
    - Fix: Small issues with social logins
Versão 3.0 (20 May 2017)
    - New: Laravel Versão upgrade to 5.4
    - New: Verified badge through out the site where ever username occurs
    - New: Wallpapers parum user, page e group timelines
    - New: Included change-log in root directory as per customer's request
    - New: When posted on group or page or an event, name appears on that post
    - New: Confirmation box before deleting um post
    - Fix: Form validations doesn't clear the entire form
    - Fix: Group e page validation issues Corrigido
    - Fix: Simplified js file
    - Fix: Facebook login Corrigido
    - Fix: Event creation in groups
    - Fix: Issues with pusher
    - Fix: Restricted the name 'admin' to be used as username
    - Fix: Corrigido delete post in manage reports
    - Fix: Corrigido event date in event settings page
Versão 2.1 (26 Febraury 2017)
    - New: Adicionado Albums feature
    - New: Clickable links parum posts
    - New: Option to remove the selected photo in post
    - New: Flexibility parum admin to Adicionar social icons parum email template
    - New: Admin can enable/disable languages in footer
    - New: User can delete all Notificaçãos at once
    - New: Logo é included in mail templates
    - New: Adicionado German Language
    - New: Adicionado Persian Language
    - New: Adicionado translations parum all Notificaçãos
    - New: Separate pages parum Groups e Pages
    - New: Full width cover image parum all timelines
    - Fix: Verify email issue Corrigido
    - Fix: CSS issue parum logo
    - Fix: Delete feature parum users, posts, groups e pages
    - Fix: removed repeated footer item ‘contact’
    - Fix: small issue with page settings in admin panel
    - Fix: Session expire issue Corrigido
    - Fix: Adicionado links parum all necessário Notificaçãos
Versão 1.4 (9 November 2016)
    - New: Users can create events in groups
    - New: Events widget on group timeline
    - New: Mapas parum event location
    - New: Adicionado Turkish e Portuguese languages
    - New: All Notificaçãos can be deleted by user
    - Corrigido: Shared post to be displayed on user timeline
    - Corrigido: Timezone working perfectly
    - Corrigido: Chat messages display time Corrigido
    - Corrigido: Deleting the user
    - Corrigido: Sort filter Corrigido in "manage groups" in admin panel
    - Corrigido: Sort filter Corrigido in "manage pages" in admin panel
Versão 1.3 (7 October 2016)

    - New: Complete events module
    - New: RTL Versão
    - New: Admin to Adicionar custom fields parum user
    - New: Events widget on user timeline
    - New: Sort filters Adicionado parum pages, users, groups in admin panel
    - Corrigido: Issue with followers e pages privacy options
    - Corrigido: Issue with captchum turning on e off
Versão 1.2 (5 september 2016)

    - New: Adicionado new widget suggested groups
    - New: Adicionado new widget suggested pages
    - New: Adicionar / Edit / Delete page categories
    - New: HTML Editor parum Custom pages
    - Corrigido: Custom Pages active/inactive issue Corrigido
    - Corrigido: Rare social login issues
    - New: Share post on third party website i.e,. FB,TW e embed
    - New: Post locations takes you to maps
    - New: Adicionado social links on user profile
    - New: Dynamic page titles
    - New: @mention name in timeline post
    - New: Improved UX parum profile card
Versão 1.1 (1 september 2016)

    - New: Verified badges parum pages e users
    - New: Display of latest posts in Browse
    - New: Adicionado more dynamic options parum Admin
    - New: Full image display when single image é posted
    - Corrigido: Repeating youtube video issue Corrigido
    - Corrigido: Right click paste of youtube link isn’t fetching datum Corrigido
    - Corrigido: Captchum issue rectified
    - Corrigido: Update password bug é Corrigido

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