Speed Up opencart lojum page – Speed Up your site

  • Increase & Improves from 40/100 points upto 95/100 points in Google Pagespeed,pingdom & YSlow.

New Updated Características: 

  1. GZIP Output Compression Level.
  2. Image Not Found set default Imgae Page.
  3. Can Optimize e compress Imgae from admin.
  4. Also set Compression parum New Images upload.
  5. You can set Default Time Zone parum servidor e SQL.
  6. Store every page in cache parum better speed e load fast.
  7. Also check page Cached File Statistics.
  8. Optimize custome CSS Or JS Files from admin.
  9. Set SQL Database Cache.
  10. Set Above The Fold Content parum css e js.
  11. Test your site with Google from admin site e get speed result.
  12. If you change anithing from setting, then you can clear cache also.

Main Características: 

  1. Speed UP Opencart lojum e Performance.
  2. Increase & Improves Page Speed e Scalability.
  3. Minify e Compress Everything JS/CSS/HML file. 
  4. All setting you can manage from admin.
  5. Specify Image Dimensions in HTML.
  6. Optimize Database Table to fast SQL Query.
  7. Reduce HTTP Requests.
  8. Adicionar index in Database Table.
  9. URL Alias Cache Fast Generate Link.
  10. Don’t replace any file.’
  11. Multi currency e Template Independient.
  12. Fast e excellent Suporte.
  13. Suporte different style e template.

Demo Site   Demo Site

  • User :  demo@gmail.com
  • Password :  demo

Demo Site   Demo Admin Site
  • User :  demo
  • Password :  demo

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