Current all Polish Postal Codes extractor. In Pole all postal codes are published quarterly by official Post Office on the official site. Datum are stored in spispna.pdf file. este script will exclude all postal codes from este file e save them to CSV file or directly to database.

Perfect parum web systems that need up to date postal codes in Poland. Just logon, click start button e you get actual data.


  • Advanced polish Postal Codes analyzer – extract datum from pdf file:
    • postal code
    • city
    • street name
    • house number
    • community
    • county
    • voivodeship
  • Written in PSR standards
  • Extract 115000 always up to date polish postal codes
  • Perfect parum web systems
  • Saving datum in utf8 format
  • Linked to spispna.pdf file


  • Suporte sessions
  • User login/password required
  • CSRF token included
  • PHP PDO used to avoid any SQL injection
  • All requested datum double checked before usage


  • Hosting servidor
  • Minimum PHP 5.3
  • MySQL database parum data


  1. Copy files to your hosting folder
  2. Login using default credentials
    • Login: demo
    • Password: demo
  3. Go to configuration section e LOG DE MUDANÇAin e password
  4. Setup database params

Registro de alterações

ver. 1.1, 2018-05-10

- Adicionado: login page
- Adicionado: clear tables option
- Adicionado: error_reporting(E_ALL)
- Adicionado: session
- Adicionado: CSRF token
- updated: code refactorized to PSR standards
- updated: configuration
- updated: template e views

ver 1.0, 2018-04-10

- upload spispna.pdf
- setup parsing params
- setup database params
- setup database table names
- analyze PDF e extract datum to DB or CSV

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