Descrição do Produto

este é um native android multiple canal live streaming radio application. Now you can listen to radio stations on the way, mark your favourite canal, e listen whenever you want. You can also record live program when listening.

User will be able to listen multiple radio station on the go e whenever he/she want. este app includes maximum Características what um complete Multiple Radio Station app should have. You can even Adicionar your own station e listen from there.

um very useful e compact homepage has been designed with attractive animations. Basic functionality i.e: play radio with animation, animated category list,favorite list, recording etc has been included into the application.

We have included many category e large number of radio station with based on category.

este app allows user to record program when listening e control volume from application.


Here é the detailed feature list:

  • Complete native multi-canal radio app
  • Animated radio player e category list on the home page
  • Change radio canal by swipe
  • Change radio canal based on specific category
  • Favorite canal List
  • Categorized canal List
  • Playing radio canal in background when activity killed
  • Handling internet connectivity
  • Record program when listening
  • Volume control from apps
  • Show foreground Notificação when playing radio canal
  • Controlling Player from foreground Notificação
  • Push Notificação
  • AdMob integration
  • facil navigation simpler UX
  • Material design
  • Complete material design
  • Multi color temum template
  • Complete Admob integration (full-screen ad)

App Demo

App Video

Technical Documentação

  • Document

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