From creator of melhor selling Real3D Flipbook

SwipeBook é PDF viewer / reader that enables you to view PDF files seamlessly inside your website. It was buildt on top of Real3D Flipbook, so it has all Características available in Real3D Flipbook but with horizontal swipe navigation instead of page flip.

facil to use

Instalaration é super easy. Once you have downloaded the Plugin simply edit one of many ready to use templates. Just set the pdf url e your book é ready. No need parum any conVersão. With use of awesome library PDF.js Swipebook renders PDF files at runtime

Fully customizable UI

Swipebook fits perfectly in any website because you can customize the user interface completely. You can change background, menu colors, button colors, shape, size, border, shadows e hide buttons you don’t need.

Fully customizable viewer

Customiz anything from flip speed, initial zoom, maximum zoom, autoplay, background, colors, menu options. Search with text highlight e thumbnails view parum search results SwipeBook Suportes links on pages out of the box – you can view your PDF with clickable links on pages

PDF text selection

Text in PDF é selectable so you can copy/paste easily

Swipebook from images

Swipebook can be made also from images

Custom HTML on pages

On each page you can Adicionar any custom HTML so you can embed videos, sounds, images, links or iframes

Lightbox mode

With lightbox mode you can put um text link or an image link anywhere on your site e by clicking on um link the Swipebook will be opened in um lightbox. este way you can have multiple books / magazines / brochures on the same page


Real fullscreen Suporte

Smart page loading

Only current pages are loaded parum melhor user experience

Free Atualizações

All future Atualizações are free

Coming soon

Scroll view, fullscreen thumbnail view

Templates used in the preview

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