Tcard WP é um plugin that lets you Adicionar beautiful cards to your website. You can pick from one of the 6 pre-made cards, each with 60 color variations or create your own custom design. The cards are build to allow facil customizations e work flawlessly in all the modern web browsers.

With Tcard it’s facil to create forums like contact / register / login e can be used anywhere in the page.

Gallery can be managed by the administrator or by the user assigned to the gallery.

Características List:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • 6 Skin
  • Custom Skin
  • Drag e drop elements
  • Fully responsive
  • Mobile ready
  • Gallery
  • Display posts by: Category,Order by,Order
  • Individual Gallery
  • Ajax Gallery / The user can manage their own gallery
  • Over 20 elements
  • Custom Login
  • Custom Register
  • Custom Contact
  • Login/Register/Contact can be used anywhere in your website
  • Group Settings
  • Skin Settings
  • Different settings on front or back
  • Different colors on front or back
  • Hover Animation
  • Button Animation
  • Flip Animation
  • Rotate Animation
  • Turn on/off – Flip/Rotate Animations
  • Count number
  • Skills
  • Multiple groups on the same page
  • Scroll Animations
  • Multicolor
  • Cubic Bezier transition timing
  • Multiline Ellipsé Text
  • ilimitado number of card
  • Adjustable speed, animations delay
  • facil to Configure
  • Clean Documentação with examples
  • Constant Suporte

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