Typeeste é not only um javascipt typing animation plugin but also it can parse your HTML code in any deep level e print them out just like typing. Furthermore, you can Adicionar CSS animation to any HTML element e text.. Thanks to Animate.css there are lot of CSS animations that you can use.


  1. Upload files to your servidor.
  2. Include jQuery e typeThis.js to your web page.
  3. Include tt-animate.css to your web page ( optional ).
  4. create HTML Markup.
  5. Select your HTML code with jQuery.
  6. Call the plugin.

Files included

  • Documentação.pdf
  • Uncompressed Versão typeThis.js ( commented )
  • Compressed Versão typeThis.min.js
  • Uncompressed Versão tt-animate.css
  • Compressed Versão tt-animate.min.css

Files not included

  • images are not included
  • jQuery not inclued
  • bootstrap not inclued

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