este é an IOS sourcecode parum Iphone applications

if you need android app source code get it here

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password : 29924124

Características Fully Automated

Set it up once, enter your Stripe ID e forget about it. The solution we give you will take care of otimizado dispatching, collecting, distributing money e depositing your cut, in your account.

Extensive Admin Panel

um thoroughly researched admin panel parum every category of negocios makes sure that YOU can control all aspects of what your customers e service providers experience.

Fare Estimator

Your Customer can estimate the fare before he can jump into taxi. Estimates will be calculated on car catetory, approximate distance, approximate time e base fare.

Real Time Tracking

Low energy consuming methods of tracking e reporting real-time means that you can know at all points where all the players are e optimize logistics parum maximizing profit.

Cash e Card Payment

Pay by any Card you have. Don’t have um card ? No worries, you can also pay driver by cash.

Schedule Booking – Book Later

Afraid about not getting taxi to catch your early morning flight with on deamnd apps? Now you can schedule e book your taxi before e be on the safer side.

Promo e Referral

Take advantage of Promotional offers as well as referring your friend to earn free credits e ride free.

Driver Verification

Safety é the primary thing in este business. Verify your drivers identity before approving him or her to driver parum your customers.

Email e SMS Configuration

Customise Email e SMS you want to send to your customers e drivers from the admin dashboard.

Requisitos Xcode 8 e above

shared hosting or VPS hosting

verified App lojum ID

Instructions kindly go through Documentação zipped with the file

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