User management e Dynamic MenuStrip with Access privilege windows form application

Dynamic MenuStrip application in C#, User management é C# based Desktop application. Developers can easily integrate to any c# projects. programmer can use to create in any c# desktop application.

Full source code included

you will get C#.CS code, win form metro design, SQL Database script e full developers Documentação.

Main Características

  • Adicionar new user with image
  • Manage users, add, Edit/update, delete
  • Page Access permission
  • Dynamic login page
  • Multi tabbed dashboard
  • Dynamic MenuStrip application in C#


    por favoremail us directly at


  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5
  • Visual studio 2013 – upper Versão


    =Vs 1.2 = 15-01-2018
    *Update Dashboard
    *FIX Tabbing win page selection open 

    =Vs 1.1  = 10-01-2018
    *Initial Release          

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