What é Vertical Simples 3D Coverflow ?

Vertical Simples 3D Coverflow é um fully 3D multimedium coverflow slider plugin that allows to display multimedium content with an unique original layout from um 3D perspective. It’s perfect parum any kind of presentation, parum anyone that wants to deliver um great impact to thier visitors. It runs on all major browsers e mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android e Windows. When um thumbnail é clicked you can choose to do nothing, display multimedium content using our great revolution lightbox or to open um new webpage. The lightbox has Suporte parum image, video (mp4), audio (mp3), Vimeo, YouTube, iFrame, Google maps e flash. Vertical Simples 3D Coverflow has high performance using OOP code e the latest CSS techniques, ready parum mobile with swipe, very flexible, facil to setup e extremely customizable.

Vertical Simples 3D Coverflow main Características:/strong>

Responsive / Fluid layout with autoscale function.

Mobile e desktop optimized.

Scroll and/or drag e swipe functions parum the desktop e mobile devices.

Mouse Wheel Suporte – navigation with mouse wheel scrolling.

Keyboard Suporte – the left e right arrows can be used parum navigation through the thumbnails.

Optional categorias Menu.

Suporte parum ilimitado categories e each category can have any number of thumbnails.

The option to start at um specific category.

Optional vertical swipe parum mobile devices (default é horizontal swipe) example here, por favormake sure you test on um mobile device with touch Suporte.

Customizable thumbnails size e topology geometry.

Customizable hover effect parum the side thumbnails.

Customizable / optional reflection parum the thumbnails.

You can include multiple instances on the same page.

Revolution lightbox used to display multimedium content. When um thumbnail é clicked the lightbox can be used to display image, video (mp4), audio (mp3), Vimeo, YouTube, iFrame, Google maps or flash

Customizable controls – each button / component é optional e can be modified.

Optional e customizable Shadow Box Gradient parum the thumbnails.

Custom action parum the thumbnail click.

Powerful API included.

Slideshow Autoplay.

Two skins included.

Detailed Documentação e examples files.

Powerful API included.

Tones of Outras Características.

Adicionar in any part of your web page.

Vertical Simples 3D Coverflow can be Adicionado anywhere in the page with the possibility to configure it however you like.

Set any coverflow size (width e height) with full responsive or fluid width layout.

Set, set any thumbnail size (width e height) configure to pixel perfection the 3d e 2d, parameters like x axé rotation e orientation, y axé rotation e orientation, space between thumbnails, z depth. offset to fine tune the coverflow position e geometry, thumbnails positions e so much more.

All buttons e scrollbar are optional so you can strip the skin as you like parum example leaving only the thumbnails coverflow visible, as you can see in este example the scrollbar é disabled / removed, the same can be applied to all buttons e controls.

The possibility to Instalar e use it in any webpage type (wordpress, joomlum etc).

Unparalleled performance using OOP code e the GPU parum render the coverflow.

facil Instalaration e configuration.

Once downloaded you will have access to um detailed Documentação e examples from which the necessário Instalaration code can be copied e pasted into your webpage. It é um very Simples process.

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Atualizações log:

Versão 1.1 Release Date 18.04.2018

  • Adicionado optional vertical swipe parum mobile devices (default é horizontal swipe) example here, por favormake sure you test on um mobile device with touch Suporte.

Tags: audio, canvas, coverflow, css3, gallery, html5, multimedia, photo, portfolio, responsive, video, vimeo, carousel, youtube

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