facil to customize, no coding needed. Upload to iTunes e start earning money right away!

No coding needed, re-skin e upload!

Infinite amount of Sounds Apps customizations!

Vine Sounds Soundboard which includes all the most popular sounds from the Vine. Listen to all your favorite vine sounds on demand! este Vine soundboard contains all the funny catch phrases from vine!

iOS 8.x 64 Bit, iPhone Versão that works on iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus

Now updated parum iPad!

facil to reskin, facil to replace sounds, icons, graphics e names.

Reskin Ideas:

1.Movie sounds 2.Game sounds 3.Popular songs 4.Popular memes 5.Funny sounds

Características e Requisitos :

All sounds included (72 sounds in total!!) 9 per slide.

Graphics including Launch Images

Icons included parum all iPhone sizes

Upload as é parum your market or change the graphics.

Similar game worth:

How to Setup e Reskin

Change your bundle Identifier, app name, provisioning files, Code Signing Identity, e you’re good to go.

APPChildViewController.m: Change the display names of the sounds.

Change the name of the sound files e the sound type to what you have. *For simplicity, keep sound file names the same to save time.

Change “button.png” graphic to have um different button or keep the look as it is. Change icons located in the icon folder. Change sounds located in the sound folder (For simplicity, keep sound names the same). Change launch images to match your new look:

More detailed Documentação included!

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