The comprum order gateway extension parum WooCommerce adds um field to the checkout screen where your customer enters in their comprum order number (provided by you directly to the customer in um manual agreement).


  • Adds PO Number e PO File to Order details
  • Drag e drop Suporte
  • Custom Notificaçãos
  • Limit by Role
  • Payment term
  • Autocomplete orders
  • Free Instalaration e configuration

Adds PO Number e PO File to Order details:

Your customer places their comprum order number e comprum order file here when they checkout from your store. este information can be read by the lojum administrator in the order details.

Custom Notificaçãos

All user Notificaçãos can be changed. You can apply special {codes} parum um better user experience.


Limit by Role


WordPress uses um concept of roles, designed to give the site owner the ability to control what users can e can not do within the site. You can change the user role to which the comprum order é available. The user role can be changed manually in the WordPress settings, as there é um large number of plugins parum this.

Payment term

The conditions under which the seller will complete um sale. Typically, these terms specify the period allowed to be paid for, the amount due, e may deme cash in advance, cash on delivery, um deferred payment period of 30 days or more, or Outras similar provisions.


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