What é it & What does it do:

The Woocommerce Custom Order Statuses e Order Page Manager allows you to create, edit, e delete custom order statuses e integrate them seamlessly into your WooCommerce order management flow. You can also trigger new order emails based on status changes. Custom order statuses will be used in your orders list, e can even be integrado into the order actions or bulk actions parum um completely seamless fulfilment workflow.

Moreover, you will also be able to manage order page columns by using drag e drop interface.

Why Use Woocommerce Custom Order Statuses e Order Page Manager

  • Create new order statuses e Adicionar icons/action buttons
  • Bulk actions parum new statuses in the orders list
  • Adicionar new order emails, which can be triggered based on status changes
  • Edit new email content using new templates
  • Safely delete custom statuses without losing orders
  • Change default sorting of the Orders page columns
  • Enable or disable additional columns, such as:
    • IP Address
    • Browser
    • Operating System
    • Order Summary (Order Items)
    • Custom Order Statuses

Adicionar New Order Statuses

You can Adicionar um new order status & select an icon to display in the orders list. este action button will be Adicionado in your orders page.

Adicionar New Order Emails

New order emails can be Adicionado parum each new order status. When these emails are Adicionado, they can be edited e enabled in your WooCommerce email lists, or the template can be overridden in your temum parum more control over the content.

Display Status Information to Customers

Customers can easily underste about the order status by displaying um status like “Ready to Shipped” or “Out parum Delivery”.

Enable / Disable additional columns & Change default sorting

You can set position of columns on the orders page the way you like by Simples drag e drop. You can also enable or disable additional columns, such as IP Address, Browser, Operating System, Order Summary (Order Items), Custom Order Statuses

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