este é um WooCommerce add-on. By Using este plugin admin e customers, can get Notificação about their order vium SMS by using sms gateway

The WooCommerce International SMS plugin parum WordPress é very useful when you want to get notified vium SMS after placing an order. Buyer e seller both can get SMS Notificação after an order é placed. SMS Notificação options can be customized in the admin panel very easily

este plugin not only can send SMS on order Atualizações. you can also send sms from wp admin to any number. soon este plugin will have many integration with Outras plugins to send Atualizações to buyers

Características of este plugin

  • Admin can get Order SMS Notificaçãos
  • Buyer can get order sms Notificaçãos
  • Available settings parum Admin to control SMS settings e gateways
  • Send SMS to any number
  • Directly Contact with buyer vium SMS
  • Customizable SMS text
  • Send Order details ( order no, order status, order items, order amount ) in SMS text
  • Different SMS send corresponding to different Order Status

integrado With

  • Returns e Warranty Requests
  • We are also open parum integrating our plugin with Outras plugin. so por favorfeel free to contact us at

Tested With SMS Gateways :

* Information Will Be Updated Soon…

Live Demo

Click here parum live demo
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Subscriber subscriber demo
Shop Manager shopmanager demo
Customer customer demo

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