Awesome WooCommerce app parum Android, iOS e Windows
Android Demo

Great mobile app parum WooCommerce with api, built with ionic 3. este will connect to your woo-commerce lojum e Synch categorias e products in realtime. Lets your customer to shop easier e faster, Increases your sales, greater customer engagement, Lets your customer to shop e make payment, register, login, view order status e order História, manage account etc.

App Características

Payments Methods : Work with almost all woocommerce Suporteed payment plugins. You need not configure any payment methods. Whatever payment method used by your website é Suporteed by the app

Suportes OneSignal Push Notificação : integrado with OneSignal Push Free Push Notificação –çãos/

  1. Send push Notificação directly from wordpress panel
  2. Send push Notificação when you Adicionar new product automatically
  3. Send push Notificação by segment targeting
  4. Send push Notificação to specific city
  5. Send push Notificação to specific pincode
  6. Send push Notificação to specific state
  7. Send push Notificação to specific country
  8. Send push Notificação to specific email id
  9. Additionally Suportes OneSignal Sender –
    • Send immediate Notificaçãos to all subscribed users
    • Schedule Notificaçãos on um specific date e time
    • Cancel any of the scheduled Notificaçãos
    • Check out your sent Notificaçãos (with details)
    • Check out the statistics parum every single Notificação (Delivery Statistics – ConVersão Statistics)
Loads related, Up Sell, You May also like products in product details : Loads Related products, Up Sell Products, You may also like prodcucts in products details page

Search Products / Filters : Customers can search products globally in home page e search/filter products within categories

Adicionar to Cart from listing page : Customers can easily Adicionar product from listing page no need to go to details page. Our cart module will manag everything parum you

Suportes All Shipping Methods : Shipping methods will be synchronize to woocommerce shipping by default

Customer Auto Login : Once your customer login/register, every time he/she launches your app, app will automatically login to woocommerce

Real time update of products e categorias : categorias e products are updated in app automatically. No need to manage anything separately

Clean ionic : App é built with clean ionic. You can customize the app to any design easily. We have not Adicionado anything new to make customization difficult

Wishlist : We have Adicionado wishlist in our own plugin. No need to depend on any Outras plugin. Logged in customer can Adicionar e manage hé wishlist

Password reset : Customer can initiate password reset from the app itself

Product Review e rating : Customers can view reviews e ratings

Form Validation : necessário forms fields are validated in the app itself no more blank submit.

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