Woocommerce product quick view plugin allows customers to quickly view product details in um popup window rather than visiting the actual page. It enhances the shopping experience by letting your customers view product name, price, image, Descrição, e reviews in um quick-to-load window. The quick view option can either be enabled on product pictures or before the Adicionar to cart button.

WooCommerce Product Quick View

Woocommerce Product display plugin allows your visitors to instantly overlook product particulars in um popup window e Adicionar to cart, rather than visiting the separate product page. It speeds up their shopping experience by skipping the step of browsing different pages, as they can view the details in um popup e quickly decide about the purchase.

Fantastic Características

  • Enable Quick View on product pages
  • Enable Quick view button before “Adicionar to Cart” option e on product image
  • Customize color, text, e background of quick view button
  • Enable ‘View Details’ button
  • Customize color, text, e background of view details button
  • Select what you want to show on the popup
    1. Product Title
    2. Product Regular Price e Sale Price
    3. Customer reviews
    4. Short Descrição
    5. Adicionar to Cart button
    6. Product Images with gallery
    7. Buttons parum Previous/ Next product
    8. Sale icon

Benefits of Woocommerce Product Quick View Plugin

  • Increase conVersão rate
  • Reduces servidor load
  • Enhance shopping experience
  • Create customer convenience to view details
  • Customers can check out from the popup window

How it Works?

First upload plugin vium FTP or from wordpress admin folder, then click on Instalar with the WooCommerce Product Quick View Plugin then click on activate.

After Instalaration go to Product Quick View Setting page set your necessário setting. You can place quick button either on product image or before Adicionar to cart button. When click on that button you can see quick view popup.

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