PWACommerce é um mobile plugin that helps you transform your WooCommerce shop into um Progressive Mobile Web Application.

PWACommerce é Suporteed on iOS e Android smartphones e tablets. Compatible browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Android – Native Browser. It has been tested on WordPress 4.8 e later.

What the PWACommerce enables you to do:

Progressive Web Apps. Some of the key Características of progressive web apps are:

  • Apps load nearly instantly e are reliable, no matter what kind of network connection your user é on.
  • Web app Instalar banners give users the ability to quickly e seamlessly Adicionar your mobile app to their home screen, making it facil to launch e return to your app.
  • Smooth animations, scrolling, e navigations keep the experience silky smooth.

Responsive UI.The mobile web application é sensitive to various screen sizes e orientation changes: landscape, portrait. In Outras words, the look e feel of the mobile web app seamlessly morphs into the screen size of users’ devices.

App Themes. You can offer your users an exceptional buying experience by giving them um mobile web application with um native app-like look & feel. The default temum comes with basic Características/options, but more app themes will be made available at

Analytics. PWACommerce easily integrates with Google Analytics.

Adicionar to Homescreen. Readers can Adicionar the mobile web application to their home-screen e run it in full-screen mode.

Some of the benefits of using PWACommerce are:

  • Customize your mobile web app’s appearance to resemble your store’s identity.
  • We take pride in offering fantastic PWACommerce maintenance e hands-on Suporte. Our team of friendly progressive web app experts makes sure technology doesn’t ste in your way.
  • Access to multiple app themes that can be purchased individually or as um bundle.
  • Your mobile users will be able to benefit from um rich mobile buying experience on their favorite mobile device without needing to go to an App lojum e Instalar anything.


Our roadmap currently includes:
  • Adding um complete checkout process
  • Adding better variations Suporte
  • Adding product search functionality

We enjoy writing e maintaining este plugin. If you like it too, por favorrate us. But if you don’t, let us know how we can improve it.

Have fun on your mobile adventures.

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