Let us introduce to you the WooCommerce Ultimate Discount. The only plugin in the market offering the most important e–commerce tools of e–shop promotion e audience building.

If you are building your own e-shop, increase your sales e customer base immediately. If you are um web programmer building an e–commerce website to order, recommend to your client um set of efficient e–promo tools e build trust between you e your client. As um software house many times have we faced the issue of buying several e–commerce plugins in order to build um complex discount management panel parum our clients. este stops now. Gain um complex discount e reward management tool thanks to the WooCommerce Ultimated Discount Plugin.

GDPR compliant thanks to Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit parum WordPress.

WooCoommerce Ultimate Discount Plugin

WooCommerce Ultimated Discount Plugin.

  • Mailchimp integration – send promo code in return after sigining up parum the Newsletter
  • Conditional % e Numeral Cart Discounts
  • Client Reward System & Loyalty System
  • Numeral e % Discount Rates
  • Dynamic Cart Info Display
  • Time/Category Discount Rules
  • Recommendation Building System
  • Welcome Discounts parum New Users
  • Store-wide Rule Management
  • Dynamic Promo Badges in e-Shop Listing

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