Woocommerce badge manager é um plugin to create e manage badges parum products on the shop page. Admin can set badges on single, multiple e as well as category wise products. Admin can set badge text, color, margin, rotate badge image etc. este plugin has multiple Características listed below:




Woocommerce badge manager Featured:

  • Woocommerce badge manager has the option to create um new badge.
  • Admin can set text/image based badge on single, multiple e as well as category wise products.
  • In um single time, admin can assign badges to multiple categories.
  • While adding/editing badge, admin can see the preview of the badge on default product image e can set badge accordingly.
  • Admin can set new product badge parum every new product.
  • Administrator can set the limit of days parum new product badge.
  • Admin can enable or disable woocommerce badge manager.
  • Administrator can see all listing of badges.
  • Admin can edit e delete badge.
  • There are also some Outras Características like change badge text, badge display alignment(right or left), text color, background color, border radius, badge image width, e height, rotate badge image.

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