WP Megum Menu Pro é a Premium WordPress plugin, where you can easily Adicionar widgets in um single or multiple group wise. You can assign specific column to specific group if you selected multiple type group parum megum menu. este plugin includes both horizontal as well as vertical megum menu, it é um built in visual megum menu builder plugin with Características to display menu as flyout or megamenu type with orientation as vertical or horizontal type.

Total of 14 Pre-Available beautifully designed template/skins e you can customize your menu bar with multiple customization options creating your own custom templates. Configure Menu wise settings from admin navigation page.

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Advanced Características List

  • Megum Menu/ Flyout 14 Free Elegant Template Layouts/ Custom Design
  • 13 pre available custom widgets with different layout
  • Single/Multiple Group Megum Menu Type
  • Suportes Flyout or Megum Menu sub-menu styles
  • Widgetized Megum Menu with Visual Builder Drag e Drop Position Method
  • Horizontal e Vertical Menus
  • 5 Available Inbuilt Menu Icons / Custom Icons
    • 650+ Font Awesome Icons
    • 120+ Genericons
    • 160+ Dash Icons
    • 400+ IcoMoon
    • 40+ Line Icons
  • Top/ Bottom Section parum Megum Menu
  • ilimitado Custom Item Styling
  • Advanced Menu Items(Horizontal/Vertical Tabbed) with trigger effect e different animation.
  • Menu Label Animation
  • Upload Background Image
  • Menu Replacement Settings 
    • Login Type
    • Register Type
    • Search Type
      • Popup Form Type
      • Megum Menu Type
      • Inline Type
    • Woocommerce Cart Total
    • Logo Image
  • Roles e restriction
  • Enable Sticky Megum Menu
  • Custom CSS
  • Translation Ready & Fully Responsive
  • Tested on all modern browsers
  • Touch Friendly e Search Engine Optimized

General Settings :

Enable Megum Menu Settings

Create Megum Menu Settings :

Customer Reviews

WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews WP Megum Menu Pro - Customer Reviews

Lifetime Dedicated Suporte

- You can find us anytime when you have some queries, problems or with any valuable suggestions parum plugin or us. You can find us through following ways:

  • Forum Suporte From here.
  • Dedicated Suporte Forum – You can contact us through our Suporte forum through https://accesspressthemes.com/Suporte
  • Online Chat Suporte

Constant Free Upgrades

- Not Corrigido on dates, but we assure you to provide you new Atualizações e feature upgrade in the plugin at regular basis.



Adicionado Feature: Adicionado new custom feature parum horizontal e vertical tabbed customization options on custom temum settings.
Refinement e Corrigido Issues: Checked Plugin compatible with WP Versão 4.9 e resolved the issue related with color picker e resolved the issue shown on "Custom temum Settings Edit Page".
Refinement: Few refining works done parum js e css.
Resolved: Issues related with on hover third menu items displaying next second menu item's sub menu items resolved.


Refinement e Corrigido Issues: Resolved the issue related with responsive mobile.
Refinement: Some CSS , JS e code refining works
Adicionado Feature: Adicionado HTML Text Widget of our plugin to Adicionar any html text or iframe parum map scripts
Resolved: Issue related with group method e newly Adicionado sub menu items to automatically displayed on widget section of backend menu items on group section resolved.
Resolved e Modified : Modified Code related with multiple text domain name. 


Refinement e Corrigido Issues: Resolved the issue related with responsive mobile parum megum menu about content displaying e refinement on main code files.


Adicionado Feature: We have Adicionado feature to setup specific responsive breakpoint in pixel parum Pre Available template from Megum Menu General Settings > Mobile Settings.
Refining CSS/JS: We have done some refining works on our javascript file, responsive e main plugin css file.
Corrigido Issue:
i) We have Corrigido issue related with multiple grouping setup in backend section e frontend display column issue.
ii) We have Corrigido issue related with slide effects on megamenu on responsive.


Adicionado Feature: Assign mobile menu parum specific menu location which simply means you can assign different menu parum specific desktop menu location while user visited through mobile from create menu page on metabox of Select WP Megum Menu Pro Settings.
Refining CSS/JS: Some of the refining codes on frontend js e responsive css file.
Corrigido Issue: Issue related with animation parum menu label Corrigido.


Adicionado Feature: RTL Compatibility with enable RTL button on back-end.
Adicionado Feature: Adicionado Custom Field parum Popup Search form on Custom temum settings.
Refining CSS/JS: Custom temum settings refining css e javascript
Code Refining: Resolved Issue on iPad  with some refining JS e CSS code.


Corrigido Issue: Issue related with JS e CSS on hover effect issues resolved.
Adicionado Feature: Disable Descrição option parum specific menu on back-end.
Adicionado Feature: Show menu to all users option in roles e restriction settings.
Refinement: Some of the back-end as well as front-end css refining.

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