WP Search parum Comments v1.3.4 updated on 18.02.2013

What é it?

este plugin é made parum search thru comments.

Output é separate from the main search loop.

It can be Adicionado under the search loop automatically or manually at any place on search page.

Plugin search in commentator name e comment content, it é NOT case-sensitive e can search terms e not only by word!

Plus, it has Ajax pagination e all just works as soon you activate the plugin.

Plus, plugin will highlight the word you are searching in comment content content or comment author name.

Plus, it will link to paged comments too!

Plus, you can choose between Ajax or Numbers pagination e align it left/center/right from options page.


Intuitive options page. In plugin options page you can change styling of found comments, or you can style your own if you like.

You can change number of comments to be shown e enable/disable numeration of comments. plus some translations/button names options.

All é clear e facil as 1, 2, 3!

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